Forex Broker Listing: Understanding the Different Types of Brokers

Because of the fierce rivalry among brokers, Dealing Desks brokers’ prices are very similar, if not identical, to interbank rates. The first step in choosing a forex broker is finding out what your choices are. In the Market Maker model, brokers profit when clients lose and lose when clients win. This model can be more profitable for brokers, especially considering that a significant percentage of retail Forex traders are not profitable in the long run. By effectively taking the opposite side of client trades, Market Makers can capitalize on these losses. Forex brokers come in different types to cater to different client segments and business models, each with unique needs and preferences.

types of forex brokers

The Forex broker literally creates a market by mirroring the quotation from the interbank market
and deals the prices to its clients. Exotic Forex pairs are characterized by low liquidity, leading to challenges such as higher spreads, requotes, and difficulty in executing buy-sell orders quickly. This low liquidity stems from fewer traders focusing on these pairs compared to major or minor pairs. In contrast, other brokers target professional traders, offering advanced tools, resources, and more competitive pricing structures suited to experienced traders’ needs. These Prop firms typically recruit skilled traders and may provide them with training and strategies, and they profit by splitting the earnings of the trader they have recruited. However, their lack of regulation poses significant risks, as they are not bound by legal standards or accountability measures, making them unreliable and potentially fraudulent.

Examine the Liquidity Providers behind the Selected Broker

Two examples of B2C Forex brokers include retail Forex brokers (such as eToro, Pepperstone, IC Markets and others) and Prop firms. The categorization below delineates these two primary orientations within the Forex brokerage industry. The first fundamental distinction to be aware of is between ‘A-book’ and ‘B-book’ brokers. An intermediate comparative analysis for three major NDD models (I will not include DD and B-Book models without passing orders to the external market) is presented in the table below.

Details about the three basic types of forex brokers and their primary transactional qualities and distinctions follow. London Capital Group (LCG), founded in 1996, has continued to keep pace in the highly competitive online brokerage space. This coupled with the ubiquitous MT4 (downloadable) platform and a functional mobile application, comprises LCG’s online consumer offerings. LCG provides access to a broad selection of CFDs and spread betting instruments across several different asset classes. When planning to succeed in foreign exchange, forex traders should make sure that they choose a broker which can offer their required services without engaging in fraudulent activities. If you’re looking to become a successful Forex trader, then working with a skilled and trustworthy broker is very crucial.

What’s a Mini Lot in Forex?

This is good because you don’t have to deposit large amounts of money in order to trade forex. Minimum account balance can be as low as $5 in the case of some of the reliable forex brokers. Let’s say you put a 100,000-unit buy order for EUR/USD with your Dealing Desk broker. Clients of dealing desk brokers often don’t have access to real-time interbank market rates.

  • For example, they might pass high-value or high-risk trades to external liquidity providers (A-book) while keeping smaller or low-risk trades in-house (B-book).
  • Therefore, you should choose a broker that offers leverage suiting to your needs and based on your style of trading.
  • Thus far, ECN has appeared superior to STP brokers in direct comparison.
  • STP brokers typically earn their revenue through markups on the spread provided by their liquidity providers or through commissions.

A Dealing Desk can change the leverage, spread, affect the accuracy of the quotes, artificially increase slippage, manipulate client’s orders. You can learn more about Forex trades processing mechanisms, types of order execution, such as Market Execution and Instant Execution, as well as the A-Book and B-Book models in this article. I will deal in more detail with the principles of transactions transfer to the interbank market based on the A-Book model and the hybrid scheme. Non-Dealing Desk brokers decide what bids and offers to show from among their liquidity providers, reducing confusion. As a result, order processing might vary in length and efficiency and contain risks related to conflicts of interest. Since STP transactions lack transparency, they might get forwarded to dealing desk brokers, who, in turn, could decide to keep the transaction in-house.

Market Makers in Forex. How do you trade like a market maker?

Customers have no effective means to prevent this from happening, as it is a fundamental methodology of order matching for STP brokers. This makes ECN highly attractive to traders, as they always get the best spreads available on the market. However, ECN brokers charge various commission fees for their rendered services, which might be higher compared to standard brokers. Thus, it is vital to consider the potential volume of trades and compare the spread decrease to increased commission expenses.

types of forex brokers

STP brokers benefit from having several
liquidity providers as an increase in the number of providers in the system
means the better the fills for the client. A large number of STP brokers will
use banks, which trade on the Interbank market (the top-level foreign exchange
market where banks exchange different currencies) as their liquidity providers. Let’s say your NDD STP broker has four different liquidity providers. In their
system, they will see four different pairs of bid and ask quotes. Mini Accounts have the best combination of flexible trade sizes and brokers that offer good execution.


They are suitable for traders who prefer low spreads without paying a commission. However, some STP brokers may have a minimum deposit requirement and may not offer the same level of market depth as ECN brokers. After the 1970s, when the United States dropped the Bretton Woods What is Analytical Crm agreement regarding the USD convertibility
in gold, the foreign exchange market grew dramatically. First available only to institutional players due to
the high transaction costs and difficulty to access, it all changed when the Internet and online trading

types of forex brokers

Pepperstone is ideally suited to traders who want a manageable range of low-cost offerings, multiple choices of user interfaces and account types, and efficient customer support. In the U.S., it’s for clients who want to trade the foreign exchange markets. To deliver on this successfully, IG has adopted the time-honored adage, “go big or go home” because it can. Low spread costs, an emphasis on customer service and education, actionable research, and functional user interfaces make this broker well-suited to compete in the online forex broker market.

Most of them also work by electing to quote below or above the real-time market prices at a given time. Working with a dealing desk is a wise move for beginning and expert traders who do not wish to trade directly with liquidity providers. The global foreign exchange (forex) market is the largest and most actively traded financial market in the world. Electronic Communications Network brokers operate without their individual dealing desk. When it comes to trading in the forex market, one of the most crucial decisions you can make is choosing the right forex broker.

types of forex brokers

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Straight Through Processing (STP) is a technology that passes trades directly to a counterparty. On the other side of the trade may be another STP broker or an ECN broker. The forex markets exist as spot markets, as well as derivatives markets, offering forwards, futures, options, and currency swaps. We research and reviewed dozens of forex brokers to help you decide which broker is right for your needs.

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This is one reason to be cautious when deciding to start trading with a dealing desk (DD) broker. Another difference is that you would be able to find their physical offices. Last but not least — an legit MM would let you withdraw your funds upon request whereas a scam would not. Investors can be part of a set of sub-accounts traded together by a money manager or trader who has permission from clients to trade their accounts under a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) agreement.

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