Concert Room

The concert room is the heart of our Centro Musica and probably the room that best represents its soul. Spatious and professional, this room can suit the most various musical events. Through the years there have been huge stages with side scenes and hollywood-style lights. It hosted grunge, pop, trap, metal events, meditative candle-lit concerts, musical workshops and any kind of concert.

The arthouse tables are perfect to give the room a jazz vibe and the slightly tilted floor has not prevented swing dancers to perform here. In fact, choir conductors and classical orchestras have used the tilt in the floor in the most creative ways.

The light-absorbing panels and the curtain at the back better the acoustics of the room and make it suitable also for playing amplified muisc.

Centro Musica is open to any formation or band wishing to perform. This is why we offer the room, the lights/audio system and the wardrobe and ticket service for free to those wishing to present their music.

As far as events end festivals organised by us are concerned, we also offer to pay the SIAE rights and the cachet for the musicians.

This room is ideal to record live concerts, since the appliaces in here allow to record each instrument on a separate track (up to 24 tracks) and to film the performances with three cameras. The presence of the audience can therefore transform what would have been a studio recorded video in a vibrant and vital event.

The concert room is at your disposal, we’re waiting to share its atmosphere and potential with you!

  • 1 Yamaha Grand piano
  • 1 Set of drums
  • Guitar/bass amps
  • Digital mixer for live recordings
  • Mixer and system for musical rehearsals
  • Microphone stands, music stands and microphones
  • Lights