Arte in Bottega

This year too, the Municipality of Trento promotes the Arte in Bottega initiative, offering various different entertainment moments among the streets of the city, in collaboration with its commercial activities (shops, restaurants, bars, cafés…) that will welcome different kinds of artistic performances (musicians, dancers, actors and street artists) in their spaces.

32 groups will be involved and will be payed an appearance fee of € 500,00 + IVA (€ 300,00 + IVA for solo artists) in addition to the costs of SIAE and of the various administrative procedures. The event will take place on Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd of July.

The 32 performances involved will be divided as follows into music, dance, theatre and street arts:

  • Music
    • 8 musical formations, 6 of which will have a fixed position and two of which will be itinerant; out of those:
      • 2 pop/rock music formations
      • 2 jazz music formations
      • 1 folk/ethnic music formation
      • 1 electronic music formation
  • Theatre
    • 8 theatrical formations, 6 of which will have a fixed position and two of which will be itinerant; out of those:
      • 4 performances intended for anyone
      • 4 performances intended for children and families
  • Dance
    • 8 dance formations in fixed position
  • Street art
    • 8 itinerant street art formations

The formations in fixed position will perform for 90 minutes from 6pm to 7:30pm or from 9pm to 10:30pm; the itinerant formation will have short performances of around 30 minutes, happening regularly between 6 and 9pm.

The selection of the artists will be carried out by a committee of three experts of music, dance and theatre. In order to guarantee maximum transparency, although the outcome of the evaluation will simply consist in letting the participants know which formations will have been selected, the overall scores given by the committee will be shared with any artist who might later request them.

Every formation can choose whether to participate autonomously or after having made arrangements with a commercial activity (shop, restaurant, bar, café…) situated in the citycentre and interested in taking part in this event. You can find them at this link: lista strade Arte in Bottega.pdf

The commission will strongly favour the formations who have already made arrangements with a commercial activity, by doubling their evaluation score. Those will in fact already be able to show cohesion between the space at their disposal, the size of the formation and the kind of audience expected. Moreover, they will have the support of a shopowner showing their the willingness to host the performance on the days and times established by the program.

The locations of the performances will however be on public land, right in front of the commercial activities, and will have to be approved by the Municipality of Trento. By rainy weather, alternative locations will be set up.

The shopowners involved will be asked to decorate and customise the spaces provided for the performances in order to make the citycentre more lively and inviting during the event, other than better promoting their business.

The deadline for every formation interested in taking part in this event is the 5th of June 2022, at 11:59pm. The steps to take are the following:

  1. send one pdf file to the email address, containing:
    • a brief description of the artistic performance
    • the curriculum of the main performer;
    • a list of all the artists taking part in the formation;
    • the copy of the ID of every member of the formation, containing their residence (address);
  2. fill in the online form by clicking on the button below, adding the link to a video showing the exact performance which will be presented for the selection (and no other performances).

Those who fail to fill in the online registration form, send the link to a video not corresponding to the performance presented for the selection, send in more than one pdf file or miss of one of the elements listed above will automatically be excluded from the selection.

  • At least half of the poeple taking part in the formation have to be residing in the province of Trento;
  • every artist can participate in a maximum of two separated performances, but not as lead/frontman;
  • the need to substitute artists within the formation has to be documented and cannot lower the percentage of artists residing in the province of Trento. In any case, not more than one person per formation can be substituted.
  • if already agreed with a shopowner, the performance will have to take place in one of the streets included in the list above;
  • the selected formations, in agreement with the possible shopowner, commit to being available on the days and times indicated for the event, without expressing specific demands about the day or time of their performances;
  • every formation will have to take care of the set up, equipment and materials needed for the performance autonomously;
  • performances requiring the installation of complex structures (structures requiring expert competence regarding security guidelines) will not be considered;
  • performances intended for children and families will take place between 6pm and 8pm;
  • due to the difficulty of creating an original coreography of the duration of 90 minutes, dance performances may be shorter, with a minimum duration of 25 minutes. In this case, they will be repeated cyclically after a 5 minute pause, which will allow the turnover of the audience.
  • the itinerant formations will move circularly along the 10 different locations in which the events with a fixed location will take place; itinerant artists will be asked, when possible, to announce the program of the following events, drawing the attention of the audience on the totems that may be placed in the various locations.