Centro Musica is a place where Trento’s young musicians can play music, present their ideas, practice, make new friends and listen to a lot of great music.

Centro Musica aims to be a place dedicated to arts and culture, specifically to music for young people. The environment favours cultural exchange and stimulates new sinergies and musical and relational experiences.

The Centre is active since 2002 and in 2015 it moved to the student housing complex SanbĂ polis. The space is owned by the Youth Politics Office and consists of four rehearsal studios, one auditorium suitable for public performances and a space designated for recording. The Centre offers a program of events in collaboration with various local organizations. The firm UpDoo, owned by Lorenzo Frizzera, manages Centro Musica since September 2018, when it won the call for bids of the Culture and Tourism section of the Youth Politics Office.

The staff aims at turning the Centre into a relevant meeting point for all organizations working in the musical environment of the city. Updoo wants to become a place for the Conservatory, music schools, associations dealing with performative arts and private organizations operating in the musical environment to find an impartial and neutral service at their disposal to develop theri potential. It wants to encourage relations between musicians in an historical period characterized by growing social isolation due also to digital media. They want to offer a detailed, consistent and engaging schedule of events. The aim is to open the Centre to anyone interested in listening to music and being a part of concerts and performances, offering an opportuinity for social and cultural development.